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Top 4 Pizza Spots Near Park Forest

We polled the community and found out the top 4 pizza spots near Cedarwood Cooperative in Park Forest, Illinois. Some enjoyed the classic Chicago-style deep dish (with the sauce on top of course) and some liked thin crust the best. Some said they liked ham and pineapple, and others said that combo was just plain wrong! What they all had in common though, was that they agreed pizza is a solid staple in this midwestern community. So, let's dig in!

#1 Aurelio's

Aurelio's seems to be near and dear to many locals' heart. This is understandable as the very first Aurelio's pizzeria opened up in Homewood (about 10 miles down the road from Park Forest) back in 1959. Joe Aurelio, pizza maker and entrepreneur, began his business in a small, 4-table spot on Ridge Road with a single pizza oven. Whether it was his incredible personality or the scrumptiousness of his food, after about 10 years into the business, his pizzas grew in popularity. Soon after, he had to expand into the adjoining 2 storefronts and then saw the need to expand further. Now, the Aurelio's franchise has grown to over 37 locations in 6 states. It could be that their tremendous success is due to their delicious pizzas, but many feel it's also their focus on family tradition. In fact, the original owner Joe made people feel so welcome, that the slogan was born "Tell 'em Joe sent me." (source)

joe aurelio and pizza
Image courtesy of and ©Aurelio's Homepage

#2 - Chicago Dough

It's clear why the runner up on our list is the Chicago Dough Company. Started by two long-time friends at the current Richton Park location, Chicago Dough began as a franchise of Pizza Inn back in 1976. After just 2 years, the friends realized their potential to improve the pizza quality if they simply changed the recipe from canned, pre-made ingredients issued from the Pizza Inn headquarters to fresh, made in-house ingredients. Unhappy with the recipe changes and the slow progress in the area, Pizza Inn dropped the their contract, which was exactly what these two friends needed to propel the business in the direction they envisioned. Since then, they've opened up 2 additional locations - one in Bourbonnais and the other in New Lenox. Upon asking a few of the residents we polled, they explained the reason they chose Chicago Dough as their favorite pizza spot wasn't just because of the delicious pies, but also because of their strong involvement within the community. As sponsors of many youth leagues, the Park Forest Pancake Club, various races and school events, it's clear the Chicago Dough has earned its badge as a staple in the Park Forest community. (source)

pizza with ingredients
Image courtesy of and ©Chicago Dough

#3 - Beggars

Let's be clear, Beggars pizza is ranked within the top 4 pizza spots near Park Forest because they "Lay it on Thick". With seemingly endless toppings, juicy sauce, a thick layer of cheese and huge platters of dough, Beggars has one of the most filling pizzas in the area. "Beggars opened its first store in Blue Island in 1976 and has since expanded to 23 locations." (source) Clearly, it's not just us Park Forest residents who love this style of pizza. The whole state seems to as well.

beggars pizza logo
Image courtesy of and ©Beggars Pizza

#4 - Dozeli Pizzeria

A local favorite, Dozeli Pizzeria is a small, locally-owned and operated pizza spot offering thick and thin crust pizzas with quality ingredients. Started by two brothers with over 28 years of experience in pizza making, Dozeli's is slowly becoming a staple in our community. With 2 locations in Chicago Heights and South Chicago Heights, Park Forest residents can get fresh, hot pie delivered right to their front door! That might be why they love it soooo much!


Our residents have spoken and these pizza spots were hands-down their favorite. If you're ready to move to an area with this many excellent pizzerias, give us a call. Our housing cooperatives are the perfect balance between owning a single family home and renting. The best of both worlds at an extremely budget-friendly price. Call today to discuss current availability.

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