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What People Are Saying About Cooperative Living

Living in a housing cooperative offers tons of benefits from decreased "rent" and worry-free maintenance, to housing stability and the freedom to express yourself through design. As word gets out about this incredible concept, more and more people are flocking to the area in search of housing. To better serve prospective members and to capture the thoughts of current members, we asked a handful of residents to express their thoughts about cooperative living.

Sandra P.

"Love the Idea. More Cities Should Have It. The idea of cooperative housing is a fantastic one. More cities should take advantage of the structure of this type of living arrangement to offer their residents more ways to make a home. My unit is very spacious and well-kept. My neighbors are delightful. Any problem I have ever had was resolved fairly quickly by maintenance."

Barbara T.

"Cooperative living is an excellent idea for anyone looking to buy or rent because it's community-centered and affordable. After you become a member, you can attend yearly community events and board meetings. So it you have an issue about anything, you can go speak your mind because you are one of the owners. Living in a cooperative helps you feel like you belong and you have a say so in your community. That's why I like living at one."

Jim J.

"As an accountant, purchasing a membership into the housing cooperative is a very smart move. It lacks the financial burden of owning a single family residence. It creates an investment into your future (when you move, you sell your share, providing you with capital). It ensures a low cost of living for the duration of your residency. And more."

Daryl S.

"Living in a housing cooperative is great. I don't have to worry about the water heater going out on me and having to swap it out myself. I don't have to worry about replacing the roof or cleaning out the sewer lines. Just about all I have to worry about is mowing the lawn once a week during the summer. That's my kind of worry!"

Brittany H.

"When I heard about cooperative living I thought it was too good to be true actually. My husband and I were in the office talking to a staff member and everything she said seemed incredible. After the whole run through, I asked, "so what's the catch?" and she sheepishly responded, "there is no catch". Up to that point I had only ever know our options to be either rent an apartment or buy a home. This housing concept basically combines the good of both options into one and eliminates tons of the negatives of both. Cheap monthly fees, little to no maintenance, we can paint however we want, don't have to take care of a large lawn, and so much more. I highly recommend it!"

When you're ready to enjoy the vast benefits of cooperative living, call Cedarwood Housing Cooperative to explore your options!

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