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Summertime Grilling Tips to Keep You Safe

man grilling at Cedarwood Cooperative

The weather is beginning to break and the itch to light up the charcoal is upon us. As much as we LOVE the smell of burgers on the barbecue, we also LOVE the peace of mind knowing those patties are being cooked up safely. Now, we're not talking about the internal temperature. We'll leave that up to personal preference, chef. We are talking about making sure that you consider the safety of every person and every thing involved while grilling at Cedarwood Cooperative.

Tip #1 - Stay by the Grill

An unattended barbecue grill will undoubtedly lure neighborhood kids. It must have something to do with the law of attraction - like the red button you shouldn't push. So, it is imperative that before you spark that first match, you have everything you need outside by the grill already. Not only will this make you look like the barbecue king/queen that your apron declares you are, but it will ensure that you are overseeing your fire at all times. If you can't make this happen, make sure you have a "runner" to grab the things you need, when you need them, while you "man" or "wo-man" the grill!

friends grilling at Cedarwood Cooperative

Tip #2 - Clear the Area

Grills tend to pop, sizzle, crack and spark. While this is fantastic for adding flavor to your ribs, it is terrible for the siding, porch, gutters and so forth. Before tossing in the charcoal, pull the grill away from all structures and make sure it is level on the ground. Cedarwood does not allow grilling on the front or back porches or near the buildings. A good rule of thumb is to stay at least 8 feet away from everything. Yes, you may be in the middle of the common sidewalk, but because you are carefully tending to your grill, you can direct people to walk around to stay safe. Never, ever, ever grill near gas cans, aerosol cans of any type, oil containers or lawn mowers. No explanation needed...kaboom.

Tip #3 - Stick Around to the End

Grilling safety doesn't end after you tong the last hot dog off the rack. It continues until the grill has cooled down completely and has been put away. Make sure that you can watch the grill until it's cooled, dump the used charcoal into a fire-safe container and move the grill back to it's regular storage location. Take this opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy your friends and family. Pull out the picnic table and welcome everybody to eat outside, while simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on that grill!

2 kids laughing at Cedarwood Cooperative

Cedarwood cooperative in Park Forest, Illinois is the perfect community to park your grill. We offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom co-ops with spacious living rooms, excellent natural lighting and ample storage for all your grilling accessories. Many families, retirees, single persons and couples have been calling Cedarwood Cooperative home since they were built in the 1940's. If you're ready to experience life cooperatively, give us a call at 708-747-3833 or stop by the office today for more information. See you soon!

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