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Preparing Your Cooperative for the Winter Ahead

Sad as it may be, summer is on its way out. Fall is slowly creeping in, bringing cooler weather, regular moisture and frosty nights. Garden plants are beginning to shrivel, shrubs are going dormant and the wildlife are busy scurrying together the last of their winter food supply.

fall leaves on ground

Cedarwood members too have begun to prepare for the winter ahead. Many have shut down their air conditioning, a few have kick-started their furnaces and some have taken down lawn ornaments already. Before the snow begins to flutter, we recommend the following to prepare your housing cooperative for the coming winter as well.

Trim Shrubs, Pull Old Plants and Perform Final Weeding

Nothing improves the appearance of your yard like a well-manicured garden. As fall approaches, it's important to trim back bushes and shrubs. Their near-dormant state means that this final trimming should preserve their "hair cut" all winter. Be sure to pull dead plants to prevent leaving behind old, brown debris that will ugly-up your yard. Also, pluck the last of those pesky weeds to prevent them from reproducing in spring. The more you clean up now, the better your yard will look for the next 6 months and the less work you have to do come spring.

trimming a hedge

Store Lawn Decorations and Tools

After cleaning up your property, it's important to clean, dry and store all your tools and lawn decorations indoors or on your back porch, covered and secured. This is not only required as per co-op rules, but it also preserves the integrity and appearance of your precious items. The contracting of wood, plastic and porcelain from the cold winter air can break down items not meant to make it through the winter exposed. Make sure you store all your items before November 1st to avoid receiving a notice from grounds staff.

garden tools

Cover Your Basement Windows

Cedarwood cooperatives have window wells that allow natural light to shine through in the basement. Unfortunately, if they aren't covered, they can cost you a handful of troubles. Placing a window well cover over your window well allows the light to still shine through while protecting your home from a cool winter's draft. Doing so also prevents autumn's leaves from piling up, which can lead to unwanted water leaks and decreases your chances of hosting a seasonal critter.

window well cover
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While this list isn't exhaustive, it's a great start. Make sure to clean and store your lawn mower, put away patio tables and chairs, disconnect your hoses and shut off the water to your outdoor spigots. If you have any questions on what is required of you, as a Member here at Cedarwood Housing Cooperative, feel free to contact the office. Please find our contact information below.

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