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How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

One of the benefits of living in Cedarwood Housing Cooperative is the low cost of living. With a stable monthly maintenance fee significantly less than the cost of renting or owning your own home, living at Cedarwood is simply a no brainer when it comes to your household budget!

However, times can get tough, especially during these uncertain times, so you may be looking for ways to cut some costs. Many people know that lowering your monthly utilities can be a big help when trying to save money. One often overlooked area that can yield big results is how to save money on your water bill. The great news is that you can lower that monthly payment without sacrificing much. And although we're talking directly to our Housing Cooperative members, the following water saving tips work great in every living circumstance, whether it's a house, townhome, apartment, or condo.

Replace shower heads, faucets, and toilets

showerhead found in cedarwood housing cooperative

Replacing certain standard bathroom fixtures to low flow fixtures - like your shower head, water faucets, or toilets - can make a big impact on your water bill. According to a recent HGTV article I read, "showers are responsible for up to 30% of overall water usage". This means that just by switching out one regular shower head to a low-flow shower head, you can save roughly 2,900 gallons of water every year! Imagine! That adds up to some pretty significant savings over time that will definitely help keep more mula in your pocket and less going down the drain!

Turn water off while brushing teeth

toothbrushes in cup next to sink in Park Forest, Illinois

Most of us are guilty of leaving the water on while we brush our teeth. However, if you can train yourself to shut the tap off while you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, you can save around 8 gallons of water per day! And that’s just for one person. If you do the math, that saves around 240 gallons of water a month, or around 2,880 gallons per year, even more if you can convince everyone in your home to do the same. Such a simple adjustment can make such a huge impact on your budget!

Only Run Full Loads - Dishwasher and Washing Machine

laundry basket full of dirty clothes at cedarwood coop

Some people delight in getting all there laundry done on laundry day, even if that means running small loads that don't fill the machine completely. Some people love the idea of clean dishes while they sleep, so after supper, whether the dishwasher is full or not, they start a load. Both scenarios are bad ideas if you're trying to cut your water bill or help the planet by avoiding waste!

Resist the urge, plan accordingly, deal with some dirty dishes overnight or learn to wash a few by hand. Wait until you have full loads of laundry to run the machine and watch as your water bill slowly but surely decreases.

Address leaks immediately

cat licking water from faucet in cedarwood coop

If you notice your water bill has gone up without any clue why, contact your water company to make sure there isn’t a leak somewhere. Keep an eye out for toilets that keep running or leaky faucets and make repairs as needed. A leaky faucet has been shown to increase your water bill by a staggering $720 per year! (source)

Take our word for it, it’s the small changes made to your daily routine that can have the biggest impact over time. Try implementing just a few of these tips and watch your savings grow!

Are you ready to make the switch to a housing cooperative lifestyle? Call the office today to check unit available and to discuss the incredible benefits of choosing this unique form of home ownership.

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