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Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

Let's face it, with nation-wide lock-downs, we are spending more time in our homes than ever before. All this time lends itself to staring at the walls, floors, lamps and other household objects that may have survived beyond their expected lifetime. If you feel like your interiors need a little facelift, then read on to learn ways that you can spruce up your home on a budget!

lamp in living room at cedarwood

1. Re-cover Old Lamp Shades

Cedarwood Cooperative was built in the 1940's when overhead lighting wasn't so popular. Therefore, many of our members have invested in floor lamps to light up their lives! After a few years of handling lamps, however, the shades can tend to degrade, looking dingy, old or worn. Especially, if you have little ones turning the lights on and off for you!

We found a great picture tutorial on how to re-cover an old lamp shade with new fabric by Apartment Therapy. A project that takes less than a few hours to complete could completely transform your lighting at a fraction of the cost to replace all your lamps or lamp shades. Plus, if you purchased lamps gradually throughout your time here at Cedarwood, leaving you with a hodge podge of designs and colors, this simple re-covering tip can really give your home a new cohesive look!

2. Strip and Paint Baseboards

It seems silly to spend so much time and effort on boards that are close to the floor and many times, hidden behind furniture, but it's not. Baseboards can enhance or dampen the look of any wall just because they create the framework for the room. Think about it. Let's say you freshly painted. Every wall looks crisp and clean. But as your eyes make rounds from top to bottom, those scuffed up, dirty baseboards pop out at you and not in a good way! Here's our solution...

corner showing baseboards

Using a basic paint stripper, found at your local hardware store, simply apply, scrape, and repeat. Make sure to lay protective floor covering like paper or plastic and wear a face mask as the fumes can be a bit much. After a few applications and scrapings, your baseboards will reveal a whole new side of themselves. Striped of years and layers of paint, they are likely to recover their beautiful, crisp, clean edges once again. Then, simply apply a thin coat of paint and relish in a job well done. For only a few dollars, this can not only improve the overall look of your home, but it will also keep you busy during these lock-downs!

3. Rearrange Your Furniture and Pictures

The best thing about this tip is that it literally costs you nothing! Plus, while you're rearranging, you can get some much needed spring cleaning done. But before you get started, sit down and draw out your new layout. Take a mental inventory of the items you have in your home on every floor.

Maybe you'll find that a picture from your bedroom now goes great above the couch after moving it to a new wall. Maybe that lamp from the basement now fits perfectly in the corner of your dining room. Explore, have fun and delight in creating a new space without spending a dime! Even better, make it a family affair, including the children. This is sure to give them a sense of pride in contributing to the beauty of their home.

family hanging picture on wall at cedarwood

Use these home improvement tips to help spark an interest in your indoor space once again. As we are all required to spend more time in our homes right now, we might as well love what we see. If we don't, it's time to follow the above tips and create a space we DO love!

Are you ready to learn about the benefits of co-op housing? Considering a move? Give us a call today to see what your options are. 708-747-3833

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