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Effective & Safe Snow Removal

Nothing tops a Midwest winter for the folks who love snow. For the rest of us, spring can't come soon enough! Love it or hate it though, snow has to be removed early and effectively before the next snow falls, every time. If not, the original snow will freeze underneath, causing unsafe pockets of slippery ice. In addition, if snow isn't removed from your vehicle quickly, you might find getting into your car quite challenging. The door frames are likely to freeze, making opening your door difficult (especially if you have a minivan).

shovel full of snow at Cedarwood Coop in Park Forest

All Cedarwood Coop members enjoy complimentary snow removal in all the common areas including main, street-facing sidewalks, parking lots, and courtyard walkways, but not the personal walkways nearest to their homes. We do offer snow removal service for the personal walkways at a small fee and if interested, Members are urged to call the office for details. For those Cedarwood members who do not contract for our snow removal services, removing the snow as it falls is essential for staying in compliance and being safe all winter long. Below, you'll find easy and effective ways to stay on top of snow removal this winter whether you live here or elsewhere.

Shovel Early & Shovel Often

Some believe you should wait for all the snow to fall before going out with the shovel. Others know the secret to success is staying on top of it early and often. Plan to go outside and shovel every 2 -4 inches or at minimum, halfway through the full amount of snow the weatherman has predicted. By shoveling midway through the expected snowfall, you reduce the weight of the snow on your shovel. This can help make the job easier on you and your back. Also, because some walkways are shared between Members, shoveling midway helps clean up the snow before shoeprints stamp it down, making removal even more challenging. Remember, always lift with your knees and keep your back straight when bending over to scoop up your flakes.

woman with snow at Cedarwood Cooperative in Park Forest

Salt Smart

There is no sense in sprinkling salt midway during the falling snow unless you've completely cleared the sidewalks. However, if you do salt mid-snow, the salt you just laid down will likely get shoveled up the next time you head out to clear the sidewalks - wasteful and ineffective. Our advice is to wait until the snow finishes, shovel it all off, then salt thoroughly to prevent the ice from building up overnight. Another great time to salt is after a warm day when the snow melts some by the heat of the sun. Spread salt on the walkways right before sundown to prevent that melted snow from from becoming a skating rink of ice outside your door.

Chop Thick Ice

There are times when we try to keep the ice to a minimum, but nature determines a different fate. When this happens, salt the ice patch with a thick layer. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then grab an ice chopper (available at local hardware stores) and begin to chop. Spread your feet apart to ensure you do not accidentally clip your foot. Hold the handle firmly and chop straight up and down with force. Start from an outside edge and work your way across from one side to the other. This allows you to chip away at the ice, using the natural cracks created by the salt you just poured to assist in your endeavors. Once it's all chopped up, shovel it off the sidewalks and onto the lawn.

snowflakes at Cedarwood Cooperative

That's it! Simple, easy and effective ways to keep your walkways clear of snow and free of ice. Staying safe during the winter months is important to prevent slipping and falling and unnecessary wear and tear on your back!

When you're ready to explore the benefits of housing cooperative membership, give the office a call. We'd love to share with you current availability and explain how incredible life is as a Member of Cedarwood Cooperative.

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