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Cooperative Home Improvement Ideas

One of the major benefits of living in Cedarwood Housing Cooperative is that Members have the freedom to make changes to their home. Outside, Members can plant flowers, create gardens and adorn their lawn with bird feeders and outdoor décor. Inside, Members can paint the walls, have an electrician install ceiling fans or additional overhead lighting, and even have a contractor remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create a more open floorplan.

man on ladder at cedarwood housing cooperative

Whether you just moved into Cedarwood Co-op or you've been living in our community for many years, the following home improvement ideas can both improve your quality of living while you're here and improve your chances of selling if you're planning on moving. Let's explore...

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help lower your heating and cooling costs by properly circulating the air inside your home. They increase the value of your property and can help create more space by eliminating the need for floor-standing fans. With prior approval from the office, Members can arrange for a licensed and insured electrician to install a ceiling fan in almost every room of your house. Bonus - if you choose to purchase a ceiling fan with a light, you can also reduce the need for floor lamps.

Install Carpet

While all of our housing cooperatives have beautiful, hardwood flooring, having carpet can soften up your home, adding warmth and comfort. With prior approval, Members can arrange for a professional carpet installation on any floor of their home. We do, however, recommend not installing permanent carpet in the basement as basements tend to be moisture prone, which can quickly damage carpet. A good tip if you're planning on selling your coop in the near future is to choose a neutral-colored, blended carpet. Meaning one that hides stains and matches many different décor themes. A tan, speckled, blended color works great!

carpet with pillow at cedarwood in park forest

Arrange for New Windows

Our Co-ops offer a wonderful window replacement program that Members can arrange for that allows the installation of windows now with payment over the course of some years. These extremely low payments simply get added to a Members monthly carrying charges and typically run no more than $40/month. New windows can add a beautiful touch to your home, improve energy efficiency and increase your curb appeal if you plan to sell. Simply call the office for details and to be added to the window replacement wait list.

pretty window with plant in front

Paint Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in your co-op home, especially if you switch from a bold color to a neutral or a neutral to a bold color. Some members opt to paint just one wall a bold accent color while painting all other walls a neutral color. Neutral colors are great for their flexibility and ability to match well with all kinds of interior design styles. A clean, crisp white can go with a farmhouse style look, modern, traditional and everything in between. A soft grey can add just enough color, preventing all walls from being just plain old white, without being too overpowering. Give your walls a good wash before hand, spackle any holes and sand well to ensure a smooth, clean finish.

blue paint on white wall at cedarwood park forest cooperative

Move Your Furniture

This one may be our favorite as it costs absolutely nothing, doesn't require permission from the office, and can totally change the flow and feel of your home in just one day. Take the opportunity to deep clean your space as you move furniture around the house. Tired of your end tables? Swap them for bedside tables to enhance two rooms at once. Move your couch from the wall space to in front of a window to enjoy the gentle natural lighting as you relax after work. Move everything or just a few things; regardless you will feel like your home got a fresh facelift when you do.

bed with end table at housing cooperative in park forest

If you're ready to experience the freedom and luxury of co-op living in the Park Forest area, give us a call to check on unit availability and pricing. Simple living is just a call away.

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Unknown member
Sep 10, 2021

I appreciate the carpet post very much. I need new, but carpet places and online sell big bound rugs too. Some are better than others, but the floors are cold and noisy left bare.

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