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Tips to Improve Your Chances Of Selling

Most Cedarwood Cooperative residents stay with us for decades because of the incredible value of co-op membership and the ideal location of Park Forest. But for the few that do decide to sell their units, we love to encourage the following to ensure they can efficiently move on to the next chapter in their lives and we can welcome a new member into our community.

Tip #1 - Clean and Declutter

There is no bigger turn off to prospective buyers than a messy, or worse, dirty home! Considering you are already in the "moving" stage, it is a great idea to go through the items in your home, choosing to discard, donate or pack up items you don't regularly use. Consider it an opportunity to start fresh, while still in your old space. Take your time, start slow, but get started. Choose a drawer a day or a room a week and remove all excess. This will not only help you when moving day arrives, but it will also help showcase the beauty of a tidy home to all those who walk through interested in buying.

putting away dishes

Tip #2 - Touch Ups

Years of living in the same place can take a toll on the walls, floors and ceilings. Dents, bruises, scratches and bumps can bring down the look of a unit fast, making it look aged and unkempt. A simple wash down of the walls can significantly improve the look of the walls and will likely also reveal spots that need a little touch up. Use this opportunity to pull unnecessary nails from the walls, fill in small holes with wall putty and touch up the paint if needed. Just this little effort will go a long way for getting your home sold even faster!

paint brush in can

Tip #3 - Consider A Fresh Coat of Paint

Consider hiring a professional painter to paint the walls inside your co-op. Of course you could do this yourself, but a professional will already have the equipment, time and knowledge to get it done better in half the time. Remember to choose neutral walls (white preferably) so your personal style doesn't get into the way of prospective buyers seeing themselves in your unit. For a small up front investment, prospective buyers will be more likely to consider your home over another one and willing to pay more for your coop.

painting cedarwood cooperative

Tip #4 - A Friendly Face

Some of us forget just how important a friendly face and great customer service really is. Your appearance and disposition while showing your home can be the difference between someone saying "yes" or "no" to buying your home. Considering the fact that all of the housing cooperatives at Cedarwood have generally the same layout, flooring and structure, your smile and pleasant conversation could be just the thing that convinces a buyer to want to move into your place; not your neighbors.

guy smiling

If first impressions last the longest, make yours the best it can be with the above tips for selling your home fast.

Not a Cedarwood resident yet? Planning on selling your home and looking for a new one? Give Cedarwood Cooperative a call today at 708-747-3833 to explore our unique alternative to home ownership and schedule a time to take a look at our available units!

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