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3 Tips to Make Moving Day a Breeze!

You've completed the application, secured financing, signed all the required documents and are now ready to move into a co-op at Cedarwood! How exciting...until you remember you have to pack and move all your stuff! Eekk!

No worries! We've put together a few tips that will make moving day much easier for you. Remember to get started early, however, because you won't want to tackle all of these the day you rent the moving truck. Being proactive will significantly reduce the time it takes and stress it creates the day you relocate. Read on for some great ideas!

couple on couch at cedarwood

Tip #1 - Declutter, Discard & Donate

As soon as you begin looking for another home to move to, you may want to examine your current clutter. Many times, there are things that we've held onto that no longer serve a purpose. There's no sense in moving to your next home with those things so begin to carefully look through your closets, bedrooms, basement and garage to see what you can donate to charity or simply through out in the trash. Depending on how much you have, this process could take months to complete so start early! You'll be happy you did on moving day!

cluttered house at housing coop

Tip #2 - Pack an "Open First" Box

Consider this box to contain all the things you would need to bring if you were staying at a hotel with a tiny kitchenette for a week. Put all your essentials in there and possibly important documents in case you need them. Store a plate, bowl, cup and kitchen utensils so you can eat without fretting about which box you put the spoons in! Don't forget soap, shampoo & conditioner, and changes of clothing for the next few days. After a long day of moving, you'll be happy that you can go to that one box for all your needs, including shower supplies and pajamas!

dog inside cardboard box

Tip #3 - Mark Every Box

Many of us start packing our house in an organized fashion; marking each box with the room it came from. Many of us also begin to toss everything and anything into an unlabeled box near the end just to be done with the chore of packing. Fight the urge to get messy and make sure you label each box clearly. If you have to label it "some bathroom, some kids room, some hallway" so be it. At least it is marked and it's not the mystery box that finds it way into the basement for years to come, unopened.

woman writing on box

Following these few tips are sure to bring you more peace on moving day. Plus, people you've enlisted to help you move will also appreciate how organized and efficient moving you was.

Are you ready to explore a whole new concept of living? Our housing cooperatives are a great way to take advantage of owning a home without the added stress and financial burden of typical home ownership. Visit our Park Forest, Illinois office today to discuss how Cedarwood Cooperative could become your next move!

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