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How to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Let's face it, in the 1940's when these housing cooperatives were built, big bathrooms were not all the rage. A modest sized washroom was all that was needed to accommodate the returning war veterans and their families. In today's magazine-worthy climate, however, it seems the bigger the better.

While we can't increase the space of our bathrooms here at the co-op, what we can show you is how to maximize your bathroom space so you get the same function and beauty as those fancy Cosmo bath suites for a fraction of the cost! Then, sit back a fall in love with your cute, quaint co-op bathroom.


Many of us think about surface level storage, but building up a wall will dramatically increase the capacity of storage in a small bathroom. The example below shows a shelf hung above a clock and a towel rack which also doubles as a caddie-holder for shower supplies. When done neatly, this design technique can add tons of interest and functionality to your co-op bathroom for pennies on the dollar!

bathroom storage with plant


Rethink your bathroom cabinet and vanity. Does your bathroom have a flat mirror and a pedestal sink? While that may appear to give you more space in a small bathroom, what it doesn't give you is storage for things you don't want everyone to see. Choose instead a slim, sleek designed cabinet and vanity set that offers both storage and a low profile. Make sure you fill out an "Alter of Dwelling" form beforehand as this one is considered a more substantial change, requiring consideration from management.

bathroom at cedarwood co-op


Whether you choose an open shelved unit like the one shown in the image below or an enclosed one, a small, portable cabinet can fit into the crevices of your bathroom, giving you storage right at your fingertips. If your lucky, you can even find a shelving unit to fit snugly into a corner, maximizing space even more!

bathroom storage ideas at Cedarwood


From a bar of soap to a toothbrush and floss, having small items around your sink can make a space look cluttered and closed in. Clean it up with hanging organizers as shown in the image below. Carefully install (or ask our maintenance guys do it) a hanging soap dish and toothbrush holder to have regularly used items at your fingertips, but not crowding your space.

bathroom sink


Use small organizers on the inside of your vanity to increase storage space and bathroom function. These small, stick-on organizers make a great addition to that new upper vanity you recently had installed due to the excellent advice from...well you know who...

bathroom cabinet storage

(image courtesy of Plitt Original Design Systems)

Now you have the tools to maximize your bathroom space. Whether you choose one idea or them all, we would LOVE to see what you've done with your co-op bathroom. Send us an email or post your pics on Facebook.

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