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Why You Should Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

Picture is the Fourth of July, it's 80­­° outside, the barbecue is smoking and you are surrounded by friends and family. You may or may not have had a few beers while enjoying a day off of work to celebrate America's freedom. As night falls, the kids get the idea to light off a few fireworks. As the head person in charge, you decide to take responsibility of the night's light show.

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First firecracker goes off without a glitch, then the second and the third. You are on a roll until you get to the fourth. That fourth one is defective, but not the 'it won't light' defective, no, this is the 'faulty construction' defective that blows up on your hand as soon as you introduce a flame to the wick. Now what? A trip to the hospital, potential recovery time off of work, a lengthy hospital bill and restricted use of your hand moving forward. Was it really worth it?

As much as we may like to enjoy a personal display of fireworks in our backyard, the risk outweighs the reward. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, "Fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outside and other fires. These fires caused an average of three deaths, 40 civilian injuries, and an average of $43 million in direct property damage."

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As a member of Cedarwood Housing Cooperative, fireworks are not only a bad idea, they are against the community bylaws. If caught setting off any type of fireworks, Members run the risk of hefty fines and possible eviction. Management does not tolerate any firework displays as this behavior presents serious risk of bodily danger and personal property damage. Your health and your personal investment into your home is their top priority so understand these laws are well-founded.

But don't worry! You can still have a great time on the 4th of July by heading to downtown Park Forest and watching the firework display put on by licensed professionals. In fact, head down to the Village Green around 6pm when all the festivities begin and please, have a safe, happy holiday!

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2019 Park Forest 4th of July Schedule:

Parade at 6pm

The July 4th parade route will start at Main St. and Orchard. The parade route provides plenty of opportunity for viewing, as the parade winds its way around Central Park--Orchard to Westwood, Westwood to Lakewood and Lakewood back to Orchard.

Concert - 7pm-9pm

FREE concert by BBI on our main stage on the Village Green (Main St. & Cunningham Dr.). BBI lays down the classics from Motown, R & B, rock and roll, to current dance hits!

Fireworks - 9:15pm

After the concert on the Village Green (Main St. and Cunningham Dr.), turn your chairs around and enjoy the 15 minute fireworks display. Fireworks will be launched from Central Park.

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