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What to Do With All This Rain?!

rain coming off roof

Park Forest has been getting lots of heavy rain. While this water is great for brightening up the grass, trees and flowers, it can be problematic for low land areas. When the land is saturated with water, like it is right now, keeping our basements dry can be difficult. Homes all over naturally begin to develop tiny cracks in the foundation from the constant exposure to water. Water, being a powerful force to recon with, must be diverted away from our homes and we must take steps to preventing water from sitting stagnant anywhere near a structure.

Cedarwood Housing Cooperative is no exception. Built in the 1940's, our homes have had plenty of time to develop little tiny cracks, which maintenance has done an exceptional job at repairing. But over time, water can still find its way inside. This is where each Member comes in. As a housing co-op, we encourage our Members to take pride in the maintenance of their homes. We ask that each Member do their part in preventing stagnant water from settling in or our around their homes.

If water does creep inside the basement, we also ask each Member to mark the location of the leak with a piece of tape and contact the office immediately so it can be sealed properly by maintenance. Our #1 goal is to ensure these buildings last for many generations to come and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us achieve our goal.

kid splashing in puddles

Here are simple ways that you, as a Housing Cooperative Member, can help prevent all this rain water from leaking into your home:

  • Clean out debris from the window wells regularly. Once in the spring and once in the fall should be sufficient in keeping organic material from collecting and decomposing inside your window well.

  • Do not store anything in the window wells.

  • Never step inside the window wells. Wells are not engineered to handle the stress of body weight. Always perform cleaning from outside the well.

  • Purchase a window well cover from your local hardware store. Covering the window well, after cleaning it out completely, can prevent large amounts of rain from flooding the well. It will also prevent leaves, sticks and other lawn debris from collecting down in the well.

  • Inspect and clear your downspouts regularly. Debris can build up in a downspout, preventing the water from moving away from your home effectively. Clear out debris regularly. Also, if a downspout deposits water onto a downward sloping area of your property, contact the office to request maintenance to look at it. It may require an extension that can divert the water farther away from your home, preventing it from settling next to your home's foundation.

  • Ensure your water spigot is turned off after every use. A dripping spigot can lead to a big problem. Always ensure it's tightened completely.

That's it! If you follow these guidelines, all this rain should bring you nothing more than a beautiful lawn; not a wet basement!

Again, if your co-op develops water in the basement, mark the leak with a piece of tape and contact the office to repair. Have any additional ideas on preventing water from coming into your home? Give us a call so we can add them to our list!

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