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Top 10 Places to Visit in Park Forest, IL

Park Forest has been awarded the title "All American City" for a reason. It is a place where family, community, the arts and science all come together in beautiful harmony. Park Forest was one of the first planned communities in the United States offering a balance between homes, businesses and natural areas. Over the years, Park Forest's landscape and offerings have changed but one thing has always remained constant: Park Forest is a fantastic place to live and thrive! Learn more about park forest history.

Cedarwood Cooperative is a member-owned housing cooperative located in Park Forest, IL that offers spacious, well-maintained homes at prices that the average family or retiree can easily afford. If you're in the market for a new home in a new location, we strongly encourage you to stop by our office to view our available homes and read on to learn about the top 10 places to visit in Park Forest!

Offering the local, newcomer and traveler days full of fun and exploration:

Offering 6 indoor tennis courts, saunas in each locker room, a fitness area, court-side lounge and so much more! Not just for advanced tennis players, this facility offers classes and one-on-one instruction for adults and children. Also offering leagues!

woman playing tennis

Of course, almost every town has a library and you already know the rich amount of resources available at public libraries. But did you know that this library also offers arts and craft classes, adult DIY classes, a science club for kids and a teen zone? Yep! Check out their online event schedule then plan your day to include an exciting class at the Park Forest Library.

kids coloring

A 630-acre forest offering a 4 mile hiking/biking trail, panoramic-views of Sauk Lake and a diverse arrangement of vegetation. Enjoy an afternoon hike while observing the sights and sounds of nature in this beautiful section of Park Forest or catch a glimpse of a sunset during an evening stroll.

guy hiking

A place where ideas and dreams come into reality. Offering 3D printing, etching, wood-working equipment and so much more! Learn to use advanced technological tools while creating whatever your imagination leads you to! Fun for all ages.

engineer drawing

Chicago's South Side premier theater and concert hall. Offering a rich taste of music and the arts, Freedom Hall has been enjoyed by thousands of fans over many years and visited by some of the finest performers ever to touch down in Illinois. Visit their website for an events calendar, then plan your evening out at the Freedom Hall!

woman singing on stage

Offering a rich variety of incredible wines, this local, artisan, winery is a must on your journey through Park Forest. Stop by and taste their seasonal blends or classic varieties and grab a few bottles for later!

wine glass on counter

Near the Village Hall lies the beautiful landscaping of the new expansion park. A simple walkway lined with vegetation and a flowing water fountain is a delightful view for residents and visitors of all ages. Check out the diverse variety of flowers and plants, then stop in the Village Hall to see all the resources available to Park Forest Residents.

drawing of park forest

3. Central Park

One of the best places to visit in Park Forest is Central Park. The entire family can enjoy a day in the park, playing on the huge playground set, spending time under one of the two pavilions or walking down the pathways for a bit of exercise. Centrally-located, this park has all the amenities you could ask for including bathrooms, softball fields, tons of open grass space and so much more!

kids at park in park forest

While still under development, this area of Park Forest highlights the crossing of 3 railroad lines right here in Park Forest. Train enthusiasts can examine the recently installed train caboose, then sit back and watch any one of the estimated 32 trains that pass through this intersection daily.

railroad tracks

Park Forest's most exciting feature is it's massive pool and waterpark, the Aqua Center! Featuring 4 pools, 2 water slides and a kiddie sand play area, this facility draws guests in from all over to soak in the sun in a playful environment. Sit back and watch the kids splash in the pool or swim a few laps in the adults-only pool. When you grow hungry, stop by the concession stand and grab a bite to eat. For incredibly reasonable rates and a long season of summer fun, the Aqua Center has earned the #1 spot on our Top 10 Things to do in Park Forest, IL.

going down water slide

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