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Organize Your Kitchen to Maximize its Space

Maximizing the use of your kitchen is important, especially when working with limited space. Using simple storage techniques can help eliminate clutter, improve mobility and increase organization.

woman in kitchen cooking

Cedarwood Housing Cooperative offers beautifully-maintained homes with modest kitchens highlighted with natural light. Some kitchens offers an open-living concept, where others provide a more cozy, single-room layout. Regardless of the space, every co-op member has an opportunity to make their home uniquely theirs.

One way our Members do this is by organizing their kitchen in clever ways.


In addition to kitchen cabinets, having open shelving allows for more storage without making the room feel bulky. It allows our members to organize dishes, spices, and glassware easily; bringing everyday items to eye level. To keep the space looking neat, however, choose matching pieces, like shown below, and space items apart. Adding a pop of color or a small plant is a simple way to add contrast and elegance easily.

putting away dishes


Take a thorough look at your kitchen equipment and cookware. Are there a few items you can live without? Can some dishes perform double duty? Determine how often you use a particular item. If you only use it once or twice a year, you might consider donating or selling it. If you can't remember the last time you used it, it's definitely time to let it go. Sorting through your items can free up cabinet space, allowing more room to organize.

pan and spatula


Depending on the type of cabinets installed in your coop, you might be able to take advantage of under-cabinet storage. Most department stores offer hanging baskets and hooks designed to be installed on the inside of the cabinet doors. This might be a great way to organize your cabinets, while increasing your storage capacity.

kitchen cabinets


Magnetic baskets placed on metal surfaces, such as your refrigerator, offer additional space to store small, light-weight items such as spice bottles and measuring spoons. Getting these out of your drawers and into their own space, creates a more organized look. Be careful with this method however, too many baskets or over-filled baskets can produce the opposite effect.

salt and pepper shakers


Converting a hodge-podge of bottles, cans and jars into a neat collection of similar-looking containers can significantly improve the look and function of a kitchen. To maximize this look, place these containers on the open shelving discussed above. Stick to dry goods such as herbs and powdered ingredients to give it a natural feel like shown in the image below.

spices in jars

Do you have a storage idea that helps organize and maximize your kitchen space? We would love to hear it! Contact us today to have your kitchen idea featured on our Facebook page!

If you're ready to become a home owner at a fraction of the cost, call us at 708-747-3833 today!

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