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What is Cooperative Living?

Cooperative living is so much more than a home with a roof and 4 walls. Cooperative living is built on a foundation of working with others. At Cedarwood cooperative, the spirit of working together is at the heart of everything we do from our mission statement to our Board of Directors.

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Define Cooperative

Webster defines cooperative in two distinct ways: "1. (Adjective) Involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal; and 2. (Noun) A farm, business or other organization that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits."

Cedarwood Cooperative, Inc.

Cedarwood Cooperative is an organization that affords any natural person who is approved by the Board of Directors to be eligible for membership. Each membership constitutes the right to own one share in the company which is equivalent to one home. All members share in the profits of this company by receiving ongoing capital improvements at no additional cost to them, provided all monthly maintenance fees are paid (a nominal fee comparatively).

To reside in Cedarwood Cooperative is to participate in a very special community consisting of 541 individual households, holding approximately 2,000 men women and children. Essential elements to the happiness and harmony of all members of the Cedarwood community, as well as any community, is that all members cooperate with one another and are thoughtful to one another.

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Such principles of cooperation and thoughtfulness apply in a residential area like ours to ensure a safe, well-maintained and attractive physical environment. How one member cares for their home inside and out has a direct effect on how another member's home is valued and perceived.

Cooperative Living is much more than sharing a space, it's sharing a life.

Just as imperative when focusing on these principles is how we interact with each other. To build happiness and harmony within a community is to care for each other's quality of life and peace as much as we care for our own. At times, this calls for action!

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By definition, the spirit of cooperative living is working together to achieve a common goal. Sometimes, that goal can be as simple as picking up trash along the sidewalks or sitting up a trash can that blew over in the wind. It can mean keeping an eye out for a person living alone or even getting to know your elderly neighbor to understand their needs. Get to know your neighbors, understand their situation, grow compassion and be available when you can.

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Specifically when the weather conditions are extreme and especially if you know your neighbor is struggling with something, do the cooperative thing and check on them. Make sure they have what they need to stay safe and healthy until conditions return to normal. If you know your neighbor has a difficult time getting around, run errands on their behalf, shovel their walkways and grab their recycle bin on garbage day.

Good Deeds Lead To A Good Life

Studies show that when people give, as well as receive, there is a positive effect on their health and well-being. Whether we are good to our neighbors, good to the environment or good to our family, good multiplies into more good. The wisdom of the ages comes to mind, "Do good and good will follow you." and "The fastest way to get your blessing is to be a blessing for someone else."

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In a world overrun with screens, it's easy to become isolated from one another, but it has never been more important to reach out and help each other. Living cooperatively, following the principles of harmony, reciprocity and peace and doing to others as you want done to yourself is one of the most powerful ways we can make a change for the better.

Teach your children and grandchildren (by doing, not telling) and the world will be better tomorrow than it was today. As the saying goes, "A woman teaches as she acts." Within the walls of Cedarwood, as well as the world at large, let's act with kindness, compassion and cooperation.

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