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8 Bathroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to bathroom spaces, we've got some great ideas for you.

What can we say, our housing cooperative was built in the early 40's when folks just didn't require as much counter space. Maybe they were going for quaint and charming or maybe they didn't buy as much junk as we do now-a-days! Nonetheless, our bathrooms provide a great space to use simple storage tricks like the one's below that can save you from the dreaded....messy bathroom.

8 Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Hang an old drawer on your wall. See an old dresser left by the curb? Grab one of those drawers and get crafting! Simply apply some contact paper to the bottom of the drawer in a funky color that compliments your bathroom's style and hang for eye level storage with pizzazz! Leave the drawer pulls on for a truly unique look or remove them and give the whole drawer a fresh coat of paint. The possibilities are endless here! (image courtesy of Nesting Place)

2. Small Portable Cabinet. Whether you choose an open shelved unit like the one shown in the image below or an enclosed one, a small, portable cabinet can fit into the crevices of your bathroom, giving you storage right at your fingertips.

housing coop bathroom

3. Replace Mirror with an upper cabinet. While it may seem like a minor change, switching out a flat mirror for a storage vanity above your sink can add a ton of storage you never knew you needed. It's a great way to get toothbrushes, toothpaste and make-up off your sink counter and out of view. Small change, big difference.

bathroom in coop

4. Use Stick on Organizers Inside Your Vanity. Because you already used our great advice and got an upper vanity cabinet, now expand it's function even more by purchasing these small, stick-on organizers that can easily hold lots of little trinkets. This can free up even more sink/counter space and even eliminate the multitude of storage baskets in your linen closet, leaving space guessed it...your linens. (image courtesy of Plitt Original Design Systems)

storage in bathroom cabinet

5. Replace sink cabinet with a larger one. While this does require an "Alter of Dwelling Form" from the cooperative office, it's still a viable option to expand your storage space. And while you're doing it, treat yourself to a nice upgrade like this bathroom we did right before a new member moved in. A fresh new cabinet with some new bathroom flooring can take your look from shabby to chic quick. And while you may not believe it, a cabinet that's just a few inches wider and deeper can actually have a dramatic effect on storage space.

bathroom image

6. Use a shoe organizer for bathroom supplies. Fill a hanging shoe organizer with bathroom essentials and hang on the back of your door or on your shower curtain. Then, when you take a trip, just unhook, put in your suitcase and go! Portable, handy and saves counter space. (image courtesy of Camping World)

hanging shower organizer

7. Install towel bars down the back of your bathroom door. Self-explanatory and a serious clutter reducer. (Image courtesy of Martha Stewart)

bathroom towel holder

8. And finally, hang a second curtain rod in your shower to hang bath products. Fun and funky, this really is a great space saver. I personally do not like the below the shower head organizers, because they're a pain to clean around. Hanging a second shower rod off to the side of the shower, would solve this problem in a heart beat. Then, I could make all areas of the shower walls sparkle and still have my bath products handy. Bonus! (image courtesy of Good Housekeeping)

bathroom storage for housing cooperative

Whether you choose only one storage trick or incorporate them all, the above bathroom storage ideas can really help you maximize your small bathroom space. Have you done something different for storage in your cooperative? Share with us through social media, email or leave a comment below!

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