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Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen Spaces

While our co-op kitchens may be a tad small, they also provide enough space for the average family to do what they need to in their own kitchen. With that said, there are some excellent ideas on how to maximize a smaller kitchen space to stay organized and clutter free. Here are some of our favorites here at Cedarwood:

kitchen cabinets cedarwood coop

1. Install hanging baskets above your kitchen counter for small jar items or spices. This can double your storage and keep your counter clear for preparing food. Read more at No.29 Design. Now if you can find those exact same baskets, let me know because I want to do this in the next housing cooperative we convert.

kitchen storage ideas

2. Maximize your kitchen cabinet space by using pegboard inside your cabinet doors if possible. This idea was featured by the Food Network Channel and can work if you have the right type of cabinets. Check with your local handyman or cooperative office to see if your cabinets could be easily modified to accommodate this space saving idea!

storage idea on refrigerator

3. Instructables offers this great idea for small kitchen spaces. By using magnetic baskets on your fridge, you eliminate the need for cabinet spice storage and also bring everyday items to eye level. This idea is great for any housing cooperative member and doesn't require any permanent holes which can help with your overall resale value. Plus, if you change your mind down the road, it's a simple tear down.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to maximize the space in your co-op kitchen, I would love to see pictures on how you do it. Also, have you designed ways to maximize your co-op kitchen space? If so, leave us a comment and send us a picture. We would love to add your picture to our blog to show others.

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