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Fall Clean Up Underway!

fall leaves

Fall is creeping up on us and it's best to be prepared early. Please read the following tips and friendly reminders for fall: 1. Change the batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors when the time changes. It's a great way to remember plus it prevents those midnight chirps when the battery is low! 2. Replace your furnace filter once a month to keep the air flowing optimally. Replacements available at the office for a measly $1.50! 3. Clean out your dryer vent. Why not! You're tidying up for winter anyways. Excessive lint in the dryer vent hose is a fire hazard. Get in the routine of cleaning your vent out when the time changes. 4. Window wells must be cleaned out to prevent leaf build up which typically results in water seepage into the basement. Prevention is KEY! 5. All yard waste from leaves and other fall clean up debris must be bagged in recyclable paper bags (no plastic). Bushes and branches need to be properly secured in bundles less than 2.5' in diameter. Yard waste must be picked up in the designated court pick up area after 7pm. Members who dump or rake their leaves into common areas will be fined. Thank you all for your wonderful efforts in keeping Cedarwood as clean and neat as possible. Without you, this place just wouldn't be the same!

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