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Noise and Disturbance

people having party

Hate to be the party pooper, but my job is to care about the well-being of ALL members. Here is a recent notice from our membership flyer.

No member shall make or permit any noises or disturbances or operate any instruments or other devices that interfere with the quiet enjoyment, rights, comforts and convenience of any other Member of the Cooperative. Stereos, televisions and radios must be operated at reasonable levels at all times, and from the hours of 9:00pm until 8:00am all such devices must be operated at a level so as not to disturb sleeping persons. Power tools, lawn mowers and other similar items are strictly prohibited from being used during the hours of 9:00pm until 8:00am.

Thank you for your consideration of the other members by adhering to the above rules. Have a complaint? Call the office to let us know. We can't help correct the situation if you do not call us.

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