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Simple Ways to Enhance Curb Appeal

Are you trying to sell your Cedarwood Cooperative home? Are you tired of your co-op's drab entrance? Do you feel like your neighbors are outperforming your lawn and garden visually? No problem! We've put together a small handful of simple ways you can enhance your cooperative's curb appeal right now!

plants in garden outside cooperative home

The look and feel of your front and back entrance can make a big impact on the community you live in. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just set a great example, focusing on curb appeal can leave a lasting impression on friends, family, neighbors and potential buyers. Plus, improving your space has been shown to reduce stress and improve your mood. As an added bonus, when you take the time to beautify your space, you naturally encourage others in your community to do so as well.

This concept of working together for the betterment of the whole community is at the heart of cooperative living. If you're ready to experience the joys of living in a housing cooperative, give our Cedarwood office a call to discuss available memberships.

Plants, Plants and More Plants - Within Reason

woman planting flowers in garden outside cooperative home

We'd say you can never have too many beautiful plants to enhance your co-op's curb appeal, but we know too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. So, within reason, use plants to bring life and color to your yard. Use plants to create visual appeal and structure along your walkways or garden spaces. Use potted plants on the edges of your steps to soften the look and feel of the concrete. Use hanging basket flowers on shepherds hooks to brighten up your property vertically. Plants, strategically placed, in an uncluttered, orderly fashion, can completely transform your curbside appearance and make your unit pop!


clean edging around home at Cedarwood Cooperative

Using stone, rock or metal-type edging along your garden area or other defined spaces can create a sense of clean, sharp lines that will undoubtedly enhance your curb appeal. These clean lines help clearly define what is meant to be lawn space and what is not. This is also helpful while tending to your lawn (think weed-wacking a defined edge versus an edge comingled with rocks). Plus it gives your exterior an orderly look that, unlike plants that die off in the winter, can be maintained and enjoyed year-round.

Weed Regularly

person pulling weeds from lawn

Pulling old debris and actively removing weeds on a regular basis can take your curb appeal to the next level. Even if you opt for a simple, flower-free yard, if you do not keep up with random plant strays, your property will quickly look unkept. This is especially true in the spring time when many of our Maple trees drop their helicopter-like seeds all over the place! Not picking these guys up soon after they fall will leave you picking many mini tree sprouts all around your property for the rest of the year. Weed often and discard unwanted plant debris as soon as you see it pop up to enjoy a well-kept curbside appearance year-round and prevent them from multiplying out of control!

Unclutter and Organize

bag of trash outside cedarwood cooperative

The fastest way to bring down your curb appeal is to have junk all over the place! Store toys, bikes and equipment in the basement when possible or neatly organize those items on your back porch. Keep garbage safely secured in your trash bins and recycling in your recycling bin. Remove all unnecessary trinkets, baskets, containers, tools, etc... especially from your street-facing entrance. Doing this simple thing will greatly enhance your curb appeal and set a positive example for others in the community. Because I mean, who wants to look out their window at a neighbors pile of junk! No one!

Hopefully, these simple tips on improving your cooperative home's curb appeal have given you just the motivation to get started. Are you currently renting and have no lawn or garden to maintain? Give us a call today! Experience the benefits of home ownership without the maintenance expense. Ready to make the switch to coop living? Call us today to discuss application criteria and home availability.

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Unknown member
Aug 12, 2021

Nice on the carpet recommendation as I need new plus my neighbors hurt without any. Sweet tips. Keep it simple here, and it’s happy in Cedarwood.. thanks

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