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Window Wells and Rain

water in window

We have been getting tons of heavy rain and while we love the way it perks up our flowers and greens our grass, it doesn't do such wonders for our window wells. But with your help, we can keep those wells looking good and functioning great.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Do not store anything in your window wells.

2. Clean out any leaf build up or debris regularly.

3. Purchase a window well cover from your local hardware store. This prevents large amounts of rain from pouring in quickly during a storm. It can also prevent playing kiddos from dropping balls or toys down in there.

4. Never step inside the window well. Perform all cleaning from the outside of the wells. They are not designed to handle excessive weight.

5. Contact the office if there appears to be water sitting in the wells or seeping into your basement. Please search for the leak while it is raining and mark it with a piece of tape. Not all leaks are easy to spot when dried.

That's it! Hopefully these tips will keep your window wells in tip top shape. Take care!

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